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Working Towards Time Freedom “In the Trees” with 3…

As an entrepreneur trying to build wealth, how do you find work-life balance? How do you prioritize your family and life when you work long hours for a better future? Is the time freedom you’re ultimately working towards worth the time you have to give up presently? Amanda Salovitch, today’s guest, shares the balance she’s been able to maintain as a full-time working mom, building a short-term rental business while going from zero to six units in a year and a half. 

Amanda has been passionate about real estate for a while. She became a licensed real estate agent fresh out of college in 2008. Amanda worked at a brokerage with another recent high school graduate, and when she decided to pursue a career at the bank, she watched him grow his investment career. The bank required a very fast-paced lifestyle, and it wasn’t until the pandemic that she began to slow down and reassess certain aspects of her future. She started listening to the Real Estate Rookie podcast and became inspired.

She purchased three long-term rentals shortly after she began listening to the podcast. She then closed on a property with three short-term treehouse rentals with various income-generating activities. While living a hectic investor life, Amanda always includes her kids as much as possible. Her ultimate goal is to have the time and freedom to live the life of her choosing with her family, and with the path she’s on, she’ll be able to achieve it soon!

This is Real Estate Rookie, Episode 207.

I don’t need a lot of information to dive into something. I execute really quickly where my husband is very much opposite. He needs all the details. He maybe is a little bit more emotional about it than I am. He needs to be like brought along. And so one of the ways that I got him on board is just by communicating with him, keeping him in the loop about everything that I do and then really just having him see how it’s worked. So buying this tree house property was very…

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