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Why Are People Like Bernie Sanders Allowed to Be in Politics? – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

No one should own multiple homes, right Bern??

By the way, how’s Bernie feel about usury and all the Rothschild owned central banks around the world?

Even functionally, it doesn’t make sense.

What do you do with Jeff Bezos’ stock that makes him that wealthy? Take the shares away so he loses control of the company that he built?

Not that I’m a fan of Bezos, but this is idiotic on its face.

Those who hold public office should be disallowed from trading during the time they are in office and for a number of years after; moreover their total wealth should be subject to an independent audit for a number of years after they leave.

Term limits is another big issue, i.e. you shouldn’t be allowed to make a career in politics.

Corporate control over mass media is another issue, i.e. you cannot allow for-profit corporations to dictate public opinion in a so-called democracy. Unlike some retards believe, politics is downstream from culture (read mass media).

Fractional banking is another big issue, i.e. you cannot allow private for-profit entities to take control over a country’s money supply, because they’ll end up owning everything (which they did).

Money is not free speech, this is a HUGE issue (no more PACs, super PACs etc.) Money should not be allowed in politics, period. In the US, bribing politicians is totally legal.

Universal suffrage is a HUGE issue in a democratic country, i.e. not all people should be allowed to vote as they don’t have an equal stake in the future of the country.

I don’t know what the solution might be, but this country is too far gone to save at this point.

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