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Why Are My Rental Property Returns Looking So Blea…

Most investors buy rental property for cash flow, and much to their surprise, no cash flow is to be found once the deal is done. Maybe they’ll get some limited returns in their first year of landlording, but with cash flow-induced frustration, they decide to try another strategy. This happens again and again as real estate investors struggle to realize anything other than a meager return on what was supposed to be a financially-freeing investment. But worry not—this is all part of the plan.

David is back on another episode of Seeing Greene, where he answers the most-pressing real estate questions from across the web. But David isn’t alone in the episode! He brings along real estate investing experts Brandon Turner, Pat Hiban, and Zeona McIntyre to help answer hard-hitting questions surrounding anything and everything related to real estate. This week’s topics touch on shiny object syndrome, when to pay for real estate leads, assisted living investing, 1031 exchanges, short-term rentals vs multifamily investing, and how to find the right mentor.

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This is the BiggerPockets Podcast show 690. I know no one likes to hear this. There’s people hearing it right now and they’re making a face like they just swallowed a bug. It’s just that’s not what I was told. This is my dream. I’m trying to quit my job. I need cash flow. Just take your dream and extend it a little bit longer. All right, so it’s the first thing is you did nothing wrong if they don’t cash the like you thought.
The next piece I want to say is if we can start with that baseline, it would be very similar to me saying if you go to the gym your first week, you’re not going to see…

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