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Why 2023 Will Be One of The Best Years Ever to Inv…

Investing in apartment buildings may seem like a big jump to everyday real estate investors. Mom and pop landlords—used to buying single-family houses or duplexes—may see apartment buildings as far outside their reach. And this, for the most part, has been true over the past two years. With high competition, equally high prices, and syndication deals popping off every other second, regular investors haven’t been able to invest in large multifamily real estate—until now.

Andrew Cushman and Matt Faircloth started as solo-investors like most of us. But, over the past decade, they’ve both grown large multifamily portfolios, and know exactly how hard it’s been over the past two years. They’re finally starting to see some cracks in the institutional armor of multifamily, allowing small-time investors to get deals while everyone else is fleeing from high interest rates and an oncoming economic downturn.

If you’ve been waiting to level up your investment portfolio, make big equity gains, and bring in massive passive income, then this is the episode for you. And, if you feel like you’re too new to invest, the BiggerPockets Multifamily Bootcamp, hosted by Matt Faircloth, will give you everything you need to go from onlooker to investor!

This is the BiggerPockets podcast, show 634.

So, that’s a silver lining. If it has been too competitive for you to get into this business the last five years, that is about to ease off, and this could be your window.

And then one last thing I’d say is that the interest rates have been low for a while. We were able to borrow monies on multi-family at three, three and a half, sometimes maybe even in the 2%s. It’s hard to sell those properties, but now if I’ve got a property that I borrowed at 3% interest on…

What’s going on, everyone. My name is David Greene, and I’m your host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, here today with a fire episode that if you like multi-family investing,…

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