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When Does It Make Sense to Refi with High Interest…

Mortgage rates are up, which is good news for (almost) no one. Those who have built huge equity gains over the past few years now feel like they’re stuck at a crossroads. You could pull a cash-out refinance to buy another investment property, but with such high mortgage rates, is it better to wait out the market? This standoff between buyers, sellers, and the Federal Reserve have many investors confused about the next move to make. Thankfully, our in-the-field investing veteran, David Greene, is here to help.

Welcome back to another episode of Seeing Greene, where your host David answers questions on the spot from investors spanning every skill level. We’ve got video and text submissions this week, with topics ranging from whether to wait or buy now, how to push past negativity when you’re struggling to find deals, when to refinance while interest rates rise, asset protection basics, and much more. These in-depth answers from David will probably solve top-of-mind questions you may have too!

Want to ask David a question? If so, submit your question here so David can answer it on the next episode of Seeing Greene. Hop on the BiggerPockets forums and ask other investors their take, or follow David on Instagram to see when he’s going live so you can hop on a live Q&A and get your question answered on the spot!

This is the BiggerPockets Podcast show 675. One of my like David’s philosophies for building wealth is that you don’t look for home runs. You’re just trying to get a good pitch to get a hit. And every once in a while, the pitcher leaves one out there, they make a mistake and that becomes the home run. I look at real estate very similar. You can’t go force a home run deal. You can’t go make a seller sell you a house at a super good price. What you can do is look for a lot of base hits in the same deal. And that’s how I put my portfolio together.
Hey everybody, this is David Greene, you’re host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast…

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