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What It Takes To Build an Out-of-State Real Estate…

Sarah Weaver lives with intention, reacts with flexibility, and practices patience. It’s how she managed to acquire 15 units and travel the world as a digital nomad. It’s why agents hire her to coach them. It’s how she started a company to fill a need in her industry. It’s how she earned the financial position to be able to pursue properties in the Smoky Mountains, an area that would have been out of reach for her just a year ago. 

But her journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. 2020 was a particularly transformational year, she explains on an episode of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. She admits to doing things the wrong way before learning to do them right. She wasn’t sure how to navigate her relationships with real estate agents or how to narrow her focus to the right investment strategy. That knowledge was, like Weaver’s success, earned through hard work. Now, she has carved a path that other long-distance investors would feel lucky to follow—and there’s a lot to learn from her story. 

Be Intentional

People sometimes ask Weaver how she grew her wealth so quickly. She says it wasn’t easy — but it was most certainly intentional. “I think one thing that I can say with confidence is I live really intentionally,” she says. “Was there a lot of tears and setbacks and frustrations? Absolutely. But I woke up and I was really clear on what my goals were and I didn’t let the little things knock me down.”

In 2015, Weaver wrote in her journal that she wanted to be location-independent. Within eight days, she had a job in the real estate industry that allowed her to work remotely. “And that was this ‘aha’ moment of manifestation. And so, ever since then, I’ve just been really diligent about writing down what I want in life and then not really taking no for an answer.” She knew she wanted to live in Buenos Aires. So three years ago, she bought a one-way ticket to Argentina. When you’re intentional about the life you…

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