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What are the biggest M&A deals of 2023?

There have been predictions that 2023 may be a year of highly valued mergers and acquisitions as more industries such as biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals begin to enter the M&A world after having lost patent exclusivity and facing market competition from cheaper generic and biosimilar products. In this article, we’re looking over the biggest M&A deals of 2023.

Similarly, the breakthrough in digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) not only offers companies the opportunity to bring new innovation into their portfolios but to access the tech and data tools. These can transform and improve their entire operating models to deliver better-personalised care through virtual and remote channels.

Here are the largest recent M&A deals predicted to, or already closed, in 2023.

The biggest M&A deals of 2023:

5. Advent acquisition of Maxar

Deal Value: $6.4 billion.

In December, news broke that Advent was acquiring Maxar, a space infrastructure and imagery company, in an all-cash deal.

At $53 a share, the price paid by Advent represented a 130% premium above where the stock had been trading.

In addition to providing excellent value to the Maxar shareholders, the executive team at the space infrastructure firm said that it would enable them to make vital investments in Legion seven and eight satellites and other technologies under development.

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4. Thoma Bravo acquisition of Coupa Software

Deal Value: $8 billion.

This $8 billion all-cash transaction was agreed upon in December. Coupa is a cloud-based business software firm whose shareholders before the deal closed included the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA).

The price of $81 per share in cash represented a 77% premium to the unaffected stock price. On closing, the Coupa Software management team stated that they had weighed the options of continuing as a standalone business or accepting the Thoma Bravo offer, and accepting was the clear winner, giving the company access to the latter’s resources as well as “accelerating the vision to transform the office of the CFO.”

3. Japan Industrial Partners Inc., Suzuki Motor Corp. and ROHM Co. Ltd. acquisition of Toshiba Corporation

Deal Value: $16.23 billion.

A conglomerate that includes Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) is currently in talks with banks and other finance providers to ensure that it has the resources to bring Toshiba, the world-renowned Japanese diversified technology manufacturer, private in 2023.

Toshiba’s businesses include everything from nuclear power to defence technology and microchip manufacturing. Any potential acquisition would be another nail in the coffin of the famed keiretsu, the group of Japanese conglomerates that once looked set to take over the world one business at a time.

2. Johnson & Johnson’s acquisition of Abiomed Inc.

Deal Value: $18.04 billion.

Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest healthcare products company, announced at the beginning of November that it was to acquire Abiomed. The company is a world leader in heart, lung, and kidney support technologies.

The price of $380 per share agreed between the two firms represents a 50% premium over Abiomed’s trading price at the time the deal was announced. Johnson & Johnson pitched the deal as positioning it as an innovator in the cardiovascular space, what it described as one of healthcare’s largest unmet disease states: heart failure and recovery.

J&J’s stock price spiked by close to 8% on the deal’s announcement suggesting investors think this deal promises big things for the healthcare giant.

1. Broadcom acquisition of VMWare

Deal Value: $61 billion.

The scale of Broadcom’s proposed acquisition of VMWare, first announced in May 2022, underlines why the deal is only projected to close in 2023. Broadcom has spent the second half of 2022 conducting due diligence and communicating the benefits of the deal to VMware’s customers and partners.

The deal was sold to these stakeholders on the basis of VMware’s multi-cloud offerings and Broadcom’s diversified software portfolio. This created a sort of one-stop-shop for “the incredibly complex IT landscape”.

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