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Boston has been in a new construction frenzy over the past decade to accommodate a growing demand for housing. The development boom has added tens of thousands of new Boston apartments to the city’s rental supply. Despite the added inventory, the city has struggled to keep pace with growing demand as Boston’s rental market is experiencing historically low apartment supply figures in 2022. Many of these new construction projects have added more luxury apartments in Boston, and some have been critical of the lack of affordable housing units being built.

This has put additional pressure on city hall to green light new development projects that had been stalled or delayed during COVID-19. Now in 2022, there are several new construction projects that are working their way towards completion. Here are the top 5 housing development projects under construction in Boston:

1. Suffolk Downs

On May 25, 2022, the massive 16M square foot development project at Suffolk Downs broke ground in East Boston. The old horse-race track at Suffolk Downs will soon be home to 10,000 new East Boston apartments, 450K square feet of retail space, 5.2M square feet of commercial space, and 40 acres of parks and green space. This is the largest construction project by size and scope in the history of Boston, and will add much needed inventory to Boston’s rental supply.

2. 60 Kilmarnock Street

In October of 2021, building permits were issued for 426K square foot mixed-use development in Fenway. 60-80 Kilmarnock Street is currently being built and will house approximately 435 residential housing units in two buildings. It will also feature 250 parking spaces and ground-floor retail space. Supply has struggled to keep pace with the demand for Fenway apartments, and this project will provide a large number of units to meet that demand.

3: Orient Heights Redevelopment

In September of 2021, building permits were approved for the overhaul and redevelopment of the Orient Heights public housing…

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