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These Real Estate Niches Are Primed for HUGE Growt…

Commercial real estate isn’t the sexiest asset class out there. With industrial, office, and warehouse buildings, most investors are enticed by single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and other “traditional” types of real estate. But in a recession, these may not be the best asset classes around. J Scott, author, investor, syndicator, and the godfather of flipping, thinks these often overlooked asset classes could be primed to explode in value over the next few years.

Welcome to On the Market, where familiar faces Dave Meyer and Henry Washington invite J back to the show to talk about inflation, interest rates, and the best real estate opportunities around. We also talk about the importance of knowing how to analyze deals during times like these, as price drops could allow you to build wealth far faster than ever before. If you’re still new to real estate, waiting to get your first deal, or want to build your portfolio to greater heights, grab Dave and J’s new book, Real Estate by the Numbers, where they go into factors behind the formulas.

In this episode, we debate single-family homes vs. large multifamily and commercial investing, how to go beyond the numbers, and the crucial questions to ask when buying or selling a real estate deal. Plus, you’ll peak into the minds of one of the most successful real estate investors around, whose track record speaks volumes, and hear exactly what he’s buying in this market.

Hey, everyone. Welcome to On the Market. I’m Dave Meyer, your host, and I am here with two BiggerPockets and investing legends. We’ve got Henry Washington who’s here a lot. Henry, how’s it going?

What’s up, buddy? Glad to be here.

Thank you. Thank you for being here. And we also are bringing back, I think you are our first two-time guest, J Scott. What’s going on, J?

I am doing great and I am thrilled to be your first two-time guest. I can’t wait. And hopefully, I’ll be your first three-time and four-time…

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