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There’s another way of visualising China’s Social Credit Scoring System – Investment Watch

by UniversalSurvivalist

Have you ever wondered why the bible calls it a beast system? China’s social credit scoring system (or the soon to be Western equivalent) forcefully replaces God with Government, where acts of genuine kindness, love and obeying His commandments are no longer a free choice. Instead they’re co-opted, mirrored and forced on you (Satan trying to take God’s throne).

People are coerced into worshipping the beast by compulsory participation in the system or they lose access to basic necessities like healthcare, food, clean water, freedom of movement, housing, money (the ability to legally tender with another) and worship!

Climbing one side of the social credit scoring pyramid ▲ (copying the divine ladder) will come with rewards, while speaking out against governments or its officials (the act of telling the truth or exposing the darkness), worshipping anything the Government deems a cult (Christianity) or having a day off will see you tumbling down the other side of the pyramid and landing in hell (death).

Meanwhile the all seeing eye of God is replaced by the Governments beastly digital spying infrastructure 👁️ (Central banking digital currencies, Digital IDs, online search results, medical history including vaccination status, meat consumption, carbon footprint etc).

Playing God never ends well!

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