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‘There will be many more bank failures’ – Investment Watch

US banking crisis: Close to 190 banks could collapse, according to study

With the failure of three regional banks since March, and another one teetering on the brink, will America soon see a cascade of bank failures?

Bloomberg reported Wednesday that San Francisco-based PacWest Bancorp is mulling a sale.

Last week, First Republic Bank became the third bank to collapse, the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history after Washington Mutual, which collapsed in 2008 amid the financial crisis.

After the demise of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in March, a study on the fragility of the U.S. banking system found that 186 more banks are at risk of failure even if only half of their uninsured depositors (uninsured depositors stand to lose a part of their deposits if the bank fails, potentially giving them incentives to run) decide to withdraw their funds.

Fitch places PacWest Bancorp on ratings watch negative.


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