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Unemployment rates | How stimulus relief affects American bills? |
For how long Americans will shuffle back and forth between cities
and suburbs during COVID-19?
Unemployment rates!!!
→ The unemployment rate fell to 13.3% in May, down from 14.7% in April.
→ The unemployment rate indicates great hardships.
People want to work, and they have useful skills. But there are no
opportunities for them
Check this out to get more insight:

These figures give a truly sad story, but let’s move to a bright side here that can fix the current situation. Which is ↓↓↓


How stimulus relief affects American bills?


Recently, world passes through one of the most stressful economic eras ever!!


Nobody knows what to do, and where to put his money in save investment.

One movement of the ACTS CARE that providing stimulus payment to Americans. And I want to highlight an important fact that this decision had passed through a certain of mends in order to reach

the people in need.


Stimulus Check means:


A check sent to a taxpayer by the

U.S. government. To get your stimulus payment. The amount you receive is up to $1,200 per individual, $2,400 per married

couple plus $500 for children 17 and under — were authorized by Congress through the CARES


On the other hand, some individuals didn’t receive their payment so far, in this case, you need to check the status


of the money using Get My Payment


Exclusively, on the 22nd of June 2020.

The White House has signaled it would be open to a new round of coronavirus relief spending.


However, Congress has yet to decide exactly what the next version of coronavirus stimulus legislation will look like.



For how long Americans will shuffle back and forth between cities and suburbs during COVID-19?


Strangely that some places and areas the growth renal rate gets decreased in an unexpected way. As a result of Americans tend to move back to the countryside. It’s like instead of taking an apartment, I will have a house with a back garden.

COVID-19 changes the areas that people used to prefer and wanted to live in.


Navigating one of the best sites (,

Experts believe that the housing started rising in may with a rate of 4.3% and expected to reach 22.3%.


Another aspect of seeing the current market trends. It is kind of strange to see that.

Especially that, more Americans go back to work and cities reopen.


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Writing by Rewan Emam

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