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The US Dollar World Reserve Status is Officially Over – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

How can this US administration fail in every single thing?

This is the end of the American hegemony.

This was made possible by the same US president that blew up the Nordstream pipeline and caused energy prices to skyrocket all over Europe and forced European corporations to resettle to China.

I don’t think people understand how huge this is.

Even 10 years ago no country on Earth would dare to sell or buy petroleum products in anything other than dollars and not risk a massive retaliation from the United States and its vassal states.

Sure, Iran tried, but was isolated on the international stage.

Its only ally being North Korea, equally as isolated.

Gaddafi tried before too, but Americans successfully toppled him and spiralled the country into a civil war.

Now, France and China conducted the first transaction in Yuan.

Iran sells its products in Euros, Rubles and in other currencies as well.

Russia obviously also started to sell oil in Rubles.

The Petrodolar is no longer the monopoly, and Americans can’t really do much, as more and more countries distance themselves from Washington.

Countries that actually matter that is.

No one really cares what the Lithuanian government does or some other equally meaningless countries do, but it’s vastly important what countries like France do, as they have enough influence to matter.

The dollar has been the world reserve currency for decades.

Given the recent banking collapses, retarded sanctions, the strengthening of Russia-China economic ties and general malfeasance and incompetence from our so-called elites, oil/energy deals will no longer be done in US dollars.

They wanted a successful international businessman gone so they could replace him with a useless senile pedo, all according to plan.

How did we come to this?

Easy: it’s decades of mismanagement combined with parasitic infestation and diversity hires left and right.

The system is simply no longer able to function and the 2020 so-called pandemic only sped up the process of disintegration.

The American sway over the world is weakening and so countries with at least semi-independent foreign policy start looking elsewhere to secure their interests.

Look at the Middle East as an example.

In 2003 Iran was surrounded by American vassal states.

In Iraq there was the American puppet government in power, same in Afghanistan.

Saudi Arabia was in the middle of the cold war against Iran, same with the rest of the gulf monarchies.

Now, China negotiated an agreement between the Saudis and Iranians.

Iraq is firmly in the Iranian sphere of influence.

Syria defeated the American sponsored rebels and the government controls most of the country.

Lebanon threw out Israeli forces occupying parts of the country.

The pro-American puppet government in Afghanistan collapsed in record time and the Taliban are now working with Iran.

Pakistan is now openly conducting business with Tehran as well.

In 20 years Americans lost most of their influence over Middle East.

Same is starting to happen in Europe.

Sure, American vassal states like Poland will remain loyal to their burger masters to the bitter end, but the rest of the world will not.

It’s the return of history.

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