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The Top 5 Ways You Can Invest As A Group -real estate Numba Realty

For centuries, investing as a group has been a key ingredient in building wealth. I recognized early in my journey that earning a college degree, landing a steady W-2 job, and contributing to my 401(k) would only get me so far. I was participating in a vast investment world as an individual—but the real investors were “playing” on teams.

More than a decade ago, my three brothers and I came together on a trip where we shared our desire to obtain financial freedom for our families and future generations. We knew we couldn’t do it alone. We also knew that combining resources was nothing new. For the wealthy, outsourcing the administrative process to pool their money may cost tens of thousands. But that is a drop in the bucket when considering the size and scope of these investments for each group.

For my family, we struggled to get started in those early days. Like grappling over the last piece of cake as kids, we were challenged to get on the same page, navigating things like joint bank accounts, being transparent, managing a cap table, and so many other hurdles, twists, and turns. 

I took it upon myself to do something about it and change the industry. Since founding Tribevest in 2018, we’ve solved countless issues to make it safe, easy, and transparent to form an investor group—or what many like to call—an Investor Tribe.

Let’s take a look at the top five ways to invest as a group.

1. Investor Tribes

Investor Tribes are an excellent fit for anyone, from experienced investors to newer investors, looking to break into opportunities and level up their knowledge and wealth. If you’re interested in teaming up with friends, family, or like-minded people to invest in anything from real estate to alternative investments, an Investor Tribe is a great option. 

Suppose you’re looking to partner with friends and family or a business partner to transact in multiple investment opportunities. In that case, an Investor Tribe may…

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