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The Real Estate Investing Hurdle You MUST Get Over

Knowing how to find real estate deals can be challenging for new and experienced investors. For those who want to build bigger portfolios beyond just buying single-family rental properties, finding multifamily, development, or perfect medium-term rental deals can be a struggle. You have to be in the know and have a network full of agents, brokers, lenders, and other investors who can throw deals your way, so you don’t have to dig through the scraps that bigger investors (or investment firms) have left behind.

This is a struggle that all three of our ninety-day mentees have faced since we spoke to them last. We’ll be getting updates on all their situations in today’s episode as David and Rob work to get them to their next investments as soon as possible. First, we talk to Philip, who’s still struggling to find adequate land for his future resort. He’s successfully made one offer but has yet to receive a counter. Next, Wendy wants out of turnkey rentals and is looking into more cash-flow heavy real estate investments like medium-term rentals that can provide her the retirement she dreams of.

Lastly, we talk to Danny, who’s struggling to connect the dots that will lead to his next property. As an introvert, finding contractors in the field has become challenging, although he has started to reach out to other investors he knows in his area. A common thread in this episode is that ALL our mentees are finding a pain point stopping them from reaching their next property. Of course, what they do next is entirely up to them, but you’ll hear case-by-case advice from David and Rob, which could also help you on your next deal! So if you’ve hit a roadblock on your path to real estate wealth, don’t give up—tune in!

This is the BiggerPockets podcast, show 719. Your goal is to get a counter offer, not to get this offer accepted.


All right? If they haven’t responded right away, they didn’t love your offer, that’s okay. You want to…

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