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The One Move That Helped Me 2x My Rental Property …

Building a rental property portfolio isn’t complicated. You find deals, finance them, buy them, manage them, and repeat. What could be easier? For most real estate investors, it’s not the big steps that stop them from scaling. It’s the little ones. Finding deals means looking through the MLS, cold calling, driving for dollars, or door knocking almost daily. Financing means talking to mortgage brokers, local banks, or investment property lenders. These day-to-day tasks are what make or break your portfolio, so how do you get on top of them?

Welcome back to this week’s Rookie Reply, where we’re joined by On The Market co-host, Henry Washington. In only a few short years, Henry has grown his portfolio to over seventy-five doors. With kids at home, a family to take care of, and businesses to manage, how did he scale so fast? He gives his secrets in this episode.

And as a bonus for our BPCon2022 attendees, we have some tips for you on how to make the most out of the upcoming convention!

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This is Real Estate Rookie, Episode 218.

Also, when you sit in these seats, the people who are in the room, they’re going to make assumptions, people naturally make assumptions about people, and they assume that the people who are in these power seats are the people who are doing deals, movers and shakers, people they need to meet. And so more people will naturally come and talk to you, and help you build relationships. And so you kind of take the hard part out of networking, which is for a lot of people just going up and having conversations with people, and now you’ve put yourself in a position where people are going to want to come up and have conversations with you.

My name is Ashley Kehr, and I’m here with my co-host Tony Robinson.

And welcome to the Real Estate Rookie…

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