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The Misunderstood Money Maker Most Investors Overl…

Self storage investments aren’t sexy. Most investors wrote them off for decades, with many of them not even considering self storage as true real estate. As more facilities were being built in the 1970s and 1980s, average investors looked down on self storage operators, seeing them as nothing more than owners of some concrete and metal. And who could blame them? Apartments, hotels, and other popular real estate ventures had proven track records, industry-specific technology, and a true “need” in the market. It wasn’t until after 2008 that this perception completely changed.

AJ Osborne, one of the largest self storage operators in the world, built his business at a time when no one wanted to touch self storage. But, as his portfolio grew and the industry turned around, more and more investors saw self storage for what it was: a low-risk, high-cash flow real estate investment. But now, with self storage hitting its all-time high in popularity, could the market slowly be getting saturated?

AJ has theories about who will and won’t get burnt over the next few years. His strong opinion on this industry is backed by a massive amount of expertise that few can rival. AJ, unlike many of his competitors, does NOT think that self storage is “recession-proof,” but he does still think that investing in this asset correctly, especially now, could be a game changer for any investor interested in a life of financial freedom.

Hey everyone. Welcome to On the Market. I’m your host, Dave Meyer. Joined today by James Dainard. James, what’s going on?

Just hanging in there with the confusion in life. I feel like I’m constantly confused right now.

Right before we turned the recording on, I asked James if he had seen that GDP actually went up in Q3 of 2022. I think I’ve scrambled Jim’s brain.

I felt like I just got smacked in the head. I was like, wait, what? When you’re blank out for a second. I’m going to go digging deep now and figuring…

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