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The Dollar is Dying in Ways Most People Don’t Understand and I’ll Explain Why – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

Go to and check the real cost of commodities – they’re cheap when priced in gold.

And they would reflect even cheaper prices if the true gold & silver prices weren’t suppressed by central banks.

What this tells you is that inflation isn’t caused by problems with goods and services, or supply chains, or any of that.

Those are scapegoats. The currency is the culprit.

Visit to get an idea of how much theft from the middle class happened since the dollar left the gold standard.

There has been a steady bleed on the middle class by the global financial elite going for decades and we’re now in acceleration mode toward the end of that system today, and the bankers know it.

This is why they rolled out BlackRock’s Going Direct reset at Jackson Hole in August 2019, Event 201 in October 2019 followed by the global Covid hoax, the orchestrated war in Ukraine and the attacks on energy and food infrastructure: to obfuscate the fact the dollar is dying from the general public.

The bankers are now doing a controlled demolition of the old post-Bretton Woods monetary system so they can herd us into Central Bank Digital Currencies.

CBDCs aren’t even currencies, it’s effectively putting people like Jonathan Greenblatt in charge of where, when and what you can spend the new money on.

In other words, this is a high-tech slavery system.

There will be no anonymous transactions like you have with cash, every piece of data will be stored and fed into AI systems to control the world economy.

Here’s what will happen with time: the prices of things will continue to get higher and higher until an a-ha moment occurs in the public where they begin to exchange their currency for real goods.

The SETF community has already begun that process but this will happen on a much larger scale. Big institutional actors will then kick it into overdrive and a run on metals will ensue while treasury yields spike out of control and the cost of food and energy skyrocket.

This is the crack-up boom.

Eventually they’ll roll out the CBDC as a life boat when the economy collapses.

This is the moment they herd you into slavery and lock the door behind you.

You’ll be grateful at first with new stimmy money, then you’ll realize what just happened.

The FIAT petrodollar is based on America’s global geostrategic leverage which forces the global sales of energy commodities to be settled in USD. This gives the dollar “legitimacy” over other currencies despite massive amounts of printing of the dollar (something that is normally disqualifying).

Historically this printing exported “inflation” abroad rather than it being contained at home, this luxury further compounds American financial dominance despite America being an effective hollow and de-industrialized country.

This setup requires a unipolar world.

With the Ukraine war, and the rise of China and BRICS, the dollar is left holding the bag as the critical foundation underneath it (energy dominance) is no longer under American control.

The war in Ukraine is accelerating this process quickly and also accelerating an inevitable US domestic political revolution that will unseat long time American political powers; this is what they’re actually afraid of.

Central Bank Digital Currencies are an attempt to shift people from a soon-to-be-failed capitalist “worker-reward-model” with lots of individual lateral movement and personal freedom, to a “behavioural model” with little individual freedom at all.

This is an attempt to curtain and contain any future political unrest as the USD collapses and “dangerous classes” rise.

This was known to be an issue as early as the 1960’s, after the period of post-war growth ended, and was explored in a Trilateral Commission paper titled “The Crisis of Democracy.”

Their solution?

“Dedemocratization” (among other things), which is why we see more centralized and authoritarian governments with each presidency.

Russia is forging its own future, outside financial dependence on the USD. America is going to turn totalitarian (already well on the way) in order to try to contain the chaos.

Now, imagine being part of the (((aristocracy))) in the USA.

You destroy our domestic industry by outsourcing all the jobs and manufacturing because muh shekels, all to crush your competition and making the people dependant on welfare.

Then image that you flood (((opiates))) and tell (((doctors))) to prescribe them to white mothers who have traditionally held trust in the medical industry, all so you can destroy the middle class to prevent future generations from competing with your mongrelised dimwit progeny.

But through your complacency and arrogance you think you can permanently leverage the military to protect your fiat shit coin system as to secure the system of inequality that you benefit from.

Then imagine you murder your own people in a great media spectacle to manufacture a war.

And then imagine that you think that your ZOGbot golems will continue to sacrifice themselves in the meat grinder of war to secure your central banking debt slavery.

Then imagine thinking that the problem actually is those that exercise their freedom of speech and so you start using surveillance state and censorship to crush any political opposition.

The absolute state of these “people” is unbelievable.

They are so fucking retarded and completely out of touch with the reality.

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