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Tapped Out Debt Donkeys Burning Through Savings While Running Up Credit Cards As The Fed Destroys The Purchasing Power Of Their Wages. This Won’t End Well

by Boo_Randy

Uh Oh … Inventory data and mortgage rates are suggesting a serious drop in the housing market

Is Fed going to raise rates next week by 75 bps or 100 bps…? Yesterday the chance of 100 bps was 0% whereas today it is 24%… at least 75 bps seems guaranteed

“Wells Fargo CFO says there will be stress as economy slows”

JPMorgan, UBS, MORGAN STANLEY, DEUTSCHE BANK… is there something wrong…??? #Collapse #AllBanksFail #Default

“Deutsche Bank’s IPB unit hires new director in Americas”

“Morgan Stanley says rise in interest rates hurts mortgage demand”

“UBS CFO sees increased client caution as global economy slows”

“JPMorgan says will be careful about banker cuts amid investment banking downturn”

No end in sight for Wall Street deals slump as JPMorgan says advisory revenue plunges 50%

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