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Simple Steps to Start, Scale, and Grow a Real Esta…

You want to start a real estate business. The cash flow is calling, and whether you’re looking to build passive income, escape the nine-to-five grind, or set yourself up for early retirement, rental property investing is a smart move to make. But, most real estate investors get it all wrong when building their rental property portfolios. They focus on scaling as fast as possible without building the systems to support a thriving business, leaving them burnt out and tired of the real estate game within only a few years.

Successful real estate investors like Ashley and Tony know that the key to building an unstoppable, profitable, and enjoyable real estate business is simple. To scale, you need to track, budget, outsource, and minimize the time it takes you to bring home the same amount of bacon every day. Of course, this is easier said than done, and many investors go through a lengthy process of trial and error to get there. But you don’t have to. On today’s show, Ashley will walk through the exact things you need to start, scale, and grow a real estate business.

You’ll learn how to track time so you can spend less of your day working, the two most important financial statements you need, budgeting for a business, outsourcing tasks, taking advantage of software, and the apps Ashley and Tony use every day. Want to know more about building a passive-income-generating real estate portfolio? Check out Ashley’s new book Real Estate Rookie: 90 Days To Your First Investment!

This is Real Estate Rookie episode 249er. If you have an LLC or a corporation, 100%, you have to keep it separate because, or else you’re piercing that corporate veil that opens you up to liability. If you get sued, someone can say, “Well yeah, even though this property is owned by an LLC, the rental incomes are going into Tony Robinson’s personal account,” and that opens you up to a lot of liability. Where if you have the property in your personal name, you can co-mingle…

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