Real Estate and/or Business consulting is provided for those who are seeking to acquire a company or investment property. Through our consulting services we assist in the acquisition process, disposition process, the financing process, and repositioning of the asset(s). This service can be more or fewer hands-on based on the needs of the client.

In order to lower competition and the impulsive overpriced purchases. It is imperative that acquisition processes are private and properly documented. 

Commercial Finance

Specializing in business and real estate finance. We are able to provide lending options and scenarios based on our investor-clients connections and lender relationships. Each relationship prefers a specific type of requirements for industry, risk, and various assessments. 


Through partnerships with our investor clients and experienced operators in the market. We are able to construct mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships surrounded by asset-specific projects that have clear exit strategies. 

Asset Builder Club (ABC)

Typical investments of syndication and larger acquisitions for someone’s portfolio can extend to hundreds of thousands of dollars per subscription or commitment. The average beginning investor may not have access to such amounts of money early on. In this case, we have established Asset Builders Club (ABC) as a community that allows investors to learn at a (DIY) Do It Yourself or (DWY) Done With You self pace using more creative financing strategies. This community is meant to empower and educate its members. Giving them the opportunity to later become more established and/or accredited investor-clients in the future.