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Semi-Retired at 30 Thanks to One Year’s Worth of R…

If early retirement seems out of reach right now, try semi-retirement. Once you get there, you’ll only be halfway to early retirement, just like today’s guest, Jessie Dillion. At only thirty years old, she is semi-retired and has scaled her real estate portfolio to almost two million dollars in nine months, with five properties total!

When people think about high returns, they often think about a high unit count—but why have a lot when you can do the same with a few? Jessie is strategic about each property purchase she makes and has made a goal to make one smart investment each quarter. She currently has a single-family home and two duplexes. One of her duplexes is a house hack, and her portfolio sports a mix of long-term, short-term, and mid-term tenants.

Jessie’s success is due to how responsible she is with her finances. To finance her first property, she built up her savings to ensure she had enough to cover any surprises. As Jessie continues to scale, she has gotten more creative with her financing. She has formed great relationships with her lenders because of her ability to ask questions and carefully choose where and how she gets her funding. Now she is semi-retired at thirty years old and pays a measly fifty dollars a month towards her mortgage!

This is Real Estate Rookie episode 231.

So an FHA loan is a low down payment loan. You can often put down just 3.5%, or most often you can put that down and it’s intended for a property that you are going to live in. You can actually use the FHA loan multiple times in your life. You can just only have one at a time. So, we got into this with the FHA loan, but a fun fact that in all my 365 days of research somehow never came is that there are FHA loan limits.

My name is Ashley Kehr, and I’m here with my co-host, Tony Robinson.

And welcome to the Real Estate Rookie Podcast, where every week, twice a week, we’re bringing the inspiration, motivation, and stories you need to hear…

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