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Rookie to Real Estate Investor in 90 Days: LIVE Me…

Becoming a real estate investor isn’t complex. Find a property, buy the property, and rent it out. While this formula may be easy to write down, putting it into practice is much more complicated. This is why many wannabe investors never make the jump to buy their first investment property. But, with the right advice, mentorship, and mindset, anyone can become a passive-income generating real estate investor, with a path laid for financial freedom and early retirement.

Today, Ashley and Tony combine their real estate knowledge to help three investors buy their first or next rental property. First, we talk to Brandon, a future house hacker who struggled to buy a home last year and is now looking for his first primary residence that can help subsidize his mortgage. Next, we speak with Lawrence, an investor who bought two rental properties within six months but wants to expand quicker with the help of creative financing. Finally, Melanie joins us to discuss her plans for a short-term rental property, but she still doesn’t know the best place to buy.

If you’re finding the 2023 housing market a tough nut to crack but know that you want to invest in real estate, this is the episode for you. We’ll follow along with our three mentees over the next ninety days as Ashley and Tony give strategic advice on what they should do next to get a profitable rental property under contract. So follow along, and you too could get your next property in ninety days (or less!).

This is Real Estate Rookie, Episode 251.

Every recession going back to the ’60s, most of them lasted, on average, just under 12 months. So it’s like, can you buy this property? Even if it maybe isn’t a home run over those first 12 months while there’s all this economic uncertainty, what happens in year two and in year five and in year 10 as you own the short-term rental? If you kind of check those boxes that we talked about where you’re hitting the location, you’re hitting the value,…

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