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Don’t you miss the “normal” housing market? You know, a few years back when buyers didn’t have to bludgeon other bidders just to get into a reasonably priced house? The times when the average American could afford a roof over their head, and sellers actually had a reason to put their homes on the market. Well, we may be returning to a “normal” housing market faster than you think, but a few key things will need to happen first.

We’re back on On the Market, bringing you the most up-to-date housing market headlines, separating fact from fiction, and giving you everything you need to know to make the best investment decisions. This time, we’re running through four of the top stories in our newsfeeds. First, James touches on the $1.5T ticking time bomb that commercial real estate faces and what happens if a wave of debt gets defaulted on.

Next, we’ll shift into more residential territory as Kathy dissects the “divided” housing market and updates us on how post-pandemic boomtowns are faring. Then, a return to normalcy, as Henry hits on how the 2023’s housing market correction could give homebuyers some leverage they deserve. Finally, mortgage rate updates and whether or not the spring season of homebuying will “survive” as buyers see a bump in their rates. Stick around to get all the info you need to build your real estate portfolio, so when ChatGPT takes your job, you’ll have some passive income to rely on!

Welcome to On The Market, everyone. I’m your host, Dave Meyer today, joined by Henry, Jamil, James and Kathy. How’s everyone?



Good. Well, I’m glad to have you all here. What we’re doing today is we are going to be doing our regular segment, the correspondent show, where everyone comes with a story that they are following closely in the world of real estate investing. We have four great, interesting, very good topics to discuss today, but first, we’re going to play a quick game. We’ve…

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