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Rates Drop Below 5%, Opendoor’s Mistake, Jamil’s D…

Interest rates are dipping below five percent, hedge funds and institutional investors are starting to sell off their homes, and inexperienced syndicators are getting stuck with bad deals. Is this the everyday investor’s version of a miracle? Nope, it’s just another week in the wild 2022 housing market! Joining us is the entire On The Market panel to talk about which up-to-date, hard-hitting stories affect investors the most.

To start, we’ll talk about Invitation Homes, one of the most prominent institutional real estate companies, and how they’re being accused of using unpermitted work to renovate their recent acquisitions. Within the same vein, Opendoor, another institutional investor, was fined a whopping $62M for “deceptive marketing”, but did they really make promises they couldn’t keep? Don’t worry, this isn’t an entirely iBuyer-only episode.

Our last two stories cover commercial real estate and interest rates. More commercial deals are starting to see cracks in their literal and figurative foundation, as inexperienced investors are being slapped with higher fees and rates from banks as their properties become less valuable. But, some good news for investors is that mortgage rates have finally dropped below five percent, getting us closer to the rock-bottom rates we were used to in 2020 and 2021. But can these rates be counted on, or will they skyrocket back up once the Fed has had enough?

Hey, what’s going on, everyone? Welcome to On The Market. I’m your host, Dave Meyer. Today, we are going to be doing a news roundup show. We have all of the regular On The Market co-hosts, Kathy, Henry, Jamil, and James joining us, and each of them has brought a news story that affects the lives of real estate investors to share with the panel and with all of you about the state of the market to help you make informed investing decisions.
Hey, everyone. Welcome to On The Market. Today, we have the full cast joining us. We have Henry Washington,…

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