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Raising capital for real estate investing is a far more useful skill than most people realize. If you have a strong knack for networking and the social skills to connect with many different individuals, you could be the exact piece that almost every investor is looking for. As more investors get into the hot commercial real estate market, they’ll need private capital to fund their deals. So who better than you to connect the investor and the deal finder for a piece of the cash flow pie?

If you’re worried about the time commitment of raising capital, let us introduce you to Esther Reizes-Lowenbein, who not only worked as a broker, capital raiser, and investor but also is raising her eight children while doing it. Fortunately for Esther, raising capital is something she loves to do, as she has a strong communication background with her former training in speech pathology.

If you’re getting the itch to start investing in bigger deals, but don’t know how to get started, Esther can help. She walks through the different roles in commercial real estate, whether to invest, syndicate, or stick with small deals, and how to become a capital raiser yourself (the right, legal way).

This is the BiggerPockets Podcast, show 557.

Inventory is lower these days. I know people say you have to look out for it and you have to go find it. It is harder to find very, very good deals, so that was just another factor of me going into raising equity, and I just feel like I have that knack for it. I like connecting people. I like connecting people with money, people with properties, people to people. I’m a matchmaker.

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