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Passive Income (W/o the Properties!) by Investing …

REITs have long been a passive income generator for many who don’t want to deal with the trash, toilets, and tenants that come with rental property investing. No 2 AM phone calls, no listings, no showings, and no sales. With REITs (real estate investment trusts) you simply click a button, buy a share in the company, and wait for your passive income (dividends) to flow into your account. Seems pretty sweet right? Matt Argersinger from The Motley Fool agrees.

Matt isn’t your typical stock investor. He’s owned multiple rental properties and has even house hacked and put in some serious sweat equity. He knows that leverage and forced appreciation are huge wealth builders in the realm of real estate, but still chooses to invest in REITs instead of rentals. Why? Matt is focused more on creating passive income—as in TRULY passive income—no tenant surprises or maintenance calls to make. Matt wants to research, invest, and let his net worth grow, all while still receiving real estate-generated cash flow.

Maybe you’re skeptical. How can passive investing be so easy? If you’re brand new to REITs, Matt does a phenomenal job at explaining what they are, how they work, which types to buy, and what you can do to get started investing today. Regardless of your knowledge of the stock market, if you like income-producing real estate, this episode is for you.

This is the BiggerPockets podcast show 639.

REITs are one of the ultimate parts of the stock market where historical performance is a good indicator of future results, even though, of course, we were trained to believe that that could never be the case, but real estate in general is such a steady business. If you think about most REITs, most commercial REITs, they’ve got leases that they’ve signed with tenants that run not your typical rental lease, which is six months, a year, or maybe two years, right? In the commercial world, lease is run five years, seven years, 10 years, even 15…

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