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On The Road To Success – Memphis Tire Recyclers

Duo David Burgess and Corteney Mack opened Memphis Tire Recyclers to offer a solution to an environmental concern in Memphis, Tennessee.

David’s company MB Auto Transporters was awarded a contract by the Tennessee Economic Development Council in May of 2020 to execute the transportation and hauling of illegally dumped tires and rubber waste for the Tire-to-Trails Program. This initiative included the loading, distribution, and storage of nearly 18,000 tires that were collected in the Memphis area, with the purpose of developing a three-mile walking trail at T.O. Fuller Park.

Just a short time after the program, David and Corteney teamed up to open their recycling center with a goal to supply the city of Memphis with a service and the means to legally and environmentally dispose of rubber tires.

David and Corteney were experienced entrepreneurs and project managers but needed financing to support their business. They were connected with Pathway Lending through the Memphis Epicenter in 2021 and soon after secured the funding they needed to acquire machinery and equipment to transport and process used tires. Then, they were able to start selling the by-product to their customers.

After finding early success in business, they took the next step on their path to become the leading recycling company in the country. After a positive experience with Pathway prior, David and Corteney connected with Pathway again for a second round of funding in 2022 to purchase a generator to power their shredding machine. Shortly following the purchase, Memphis Tire Recyclers entered a partnership with the City of Memphis and were officially approved to be a permitted tire recycler for the state of Tennessee.

Memphis Tire Recyclers Facility“Pathway really helped get our company on its feet. They have been there every step of the way and we can’t wait to keep working with their team,’’ says Corteney.

As one of the two permitted and approved tire recycling facilities in Tennessee, David and Corteney are confident in continually bringing to life the vision of their business. With their transportation processes and new generator, the two, alongside their team, have brought their brainchild to life, processing tires into derived aggregate, tire derived fuel and crumb rubber.

With hopes to continue to act as a source for relevant industries to save money and utilize renewable energy, David and Cortney have recently secured an additional round of funding to purchase their company building. Now, with the security of a permanent location, Memphis Tire Recyclers can ensure their goals of promoting a cleaner and greener environment through the clearing of illegal tire dumpsites are met.

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