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There are quite a few good things that our current President is doing for investors. Here is one of the incentives when it comes to investing and taxes:

Taxpayer can elect under IRC Section 1400Z-2(a)(1)(A) to temporarily defer capital gain from the sale or transfer to an unrelated party of any property that the taxpayer owns as long as the taxpayer reinvests the deferred amount in a qualified opportunity fund (“QO Fund”). oGAINS DEFERRED – There does not appear to be any restrictions on the types of gains that can be deferred – short-term, long-term, etc. oANY PROPERTY – There does not appear to be any restrictions on the types of property that can be sold to generate the gain – not limited to real property or business property. 

​The taxpayer must reinvest the deferred amount within the 180-day period beginning on the date of the sale or transfer of the property generating the gain. 

IRS – Opportunity Zone

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