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It’s certain that COVID-19 has caused a huge shift in the state of the United States economy. One of the pressing questions companies have to ask is whether or not M&A deals are better to carry out during this time. There are arguments to each side, both of which should be explored to determine whether M&A agreements have a place in the pandemic or not.

Those that argue that this is an inconvenient time for Mergers and Acquisitions base their statements on the market performance. A survey was conducted by the Harvard Business Review to determine the impact of the coronavirus on current M&A deals. In this survey, 51% of respondents indicated that they would put a pause in the meantime to assess the condition of the market (Bender 1). On top of this, M&A’s have been tough because of the recent Pandemic Anti-Monopoly Act, which limits the power of corporations looking to acquire.

On the other hand, some see the pandemic as a win-win situation to acquire smaller firms. Acquisition deals help companies that are suffering losses due to COVID-19. They also allow consumers to keep receiving products consistently from these failing companies (Hirsch 1).

Source: Refinitiv Perspectives Tech Information Provider

The graph above shows the numbers associated with M&A agreements in 2020. M&A, equity, and debt deals show an increase in companies conducting agreements throughout the year. Some companies don’t even see the pandemic as a restriction for their deals. From the previously mentioned survey, 23% of companies responded that they were not going to slow down or pause deals and that instead they would accelerate them in this time (Bender 1).

As a final word, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a dent in the M&A market and definitely slowed down deals for many companies. However, it’s also important to note that other companies instead see COVID-19 as a relief opportunity for small firms. As the pandemic persists and eventually concludes, we’ll see the true impact on these acquisition deals moving forward.

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