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Is Now the Best Time to Get Into the Stock Market?

Picking stocks can be intimidating for a first-time investor in the stock market. For landlords, real estate can seem like a much more tangible, calculated way to make money with less risk and far more upside. But, with the stock market taking a much harder tumble than real estate in 2022, some long-time investors argue that now is the best time to pick up discounted shares of companies that will last for hundreds of years to come. So, as a real estate investor, which stocks should you pick?

There’s no better person to ask than Chris Hill, host of Motley Fool Money, an investor who knows the ins and outs of stock investing better than the rest. Chris understands why most investors are hesitant to invest in the stock market, especially after the past year. With company valuations dropping faster than many have seen, stocks aren’t looking that attractive—at least not right now. However, Chris argues that this is a massive opportunity for the long-term investor, and if you can practice delayed gratification, you’ll be rewarded for decades.

Chris walks through why he’s so optimistic about the stock market in 2023, how rising interest rates hurt real estate and stock valuations, advice for new investors, and how to start picking stocks, even if you have no experience. Chris also shares why the everyday businesses many of us purchase from are primed for growth and why REITs (real estate investment trusts) may be massively undervalued as stocks and real estate are feeling a collective price crunch.

Hey, everyone. Welcome to On the Market. I’m Dave Meyer, your host, and I am here by myself today, but we do have a guest today, an excellent guest. We’re going to be bringing on Chris Hill who is the host of Motley Fool Money. I don’t know if you’ve listened to that podcast. I do. It’s a great one, and he is the director of The Motley Fool’s Audio Programming. He is, honestly, an investing and finance podcasting legend. He’s been doing it since…

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