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Is My BRRRR a Bust If Cash Flow is Low?

Cash flow is necessary when investing in rental properties. Cash flow grants you, the real estate investor, enough leeway to pay for your mortgage and taxes, and save up a healthy safety reserve for future renovations. For new real estate investors, cash flow is probably the single most important metric they look at, but it’s not always a great predictor of a good investment. If you want to truly build wealth, generate passive income, and retire early (or rich), start looking at the metrics David Greene is talking about.

Welcome back to another episode of Seeing Greene. Our cash flow creator, expert agent, and investor with decades of experience, David Greene, is back to answer your most asked questions. In this episode, we’re touching on topics like when to focus less on work and focus more on real estate investing, why low cash flow isn’t always a bad thing, what happens when an appraisal misses the mark, creatively financing home renovations, and how much every investor should have in safety reserves.

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This is the BiggerPockets Podcast show 633. Look, if you love real estate and you don’t like your job, you don’t have to quit your job to invest full time in real estate. You can, but you can also quit your job to take a job in real estate. And then you can be investing more often with better resources and more support. Take a job that supplements your investing and makes it easier for you to do. You don’t just have to quit your job and go full time into real estate investing. I’d love to see more people like you, your partner, and your family in the BiggerPockets community who are helping others build wealth through real…

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