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Investing in 100-Year-Old Homes Straight Out of Co…

To have something you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done before. Today’s guests, Amy Wright and Mitch Mathern are doing something most people haven’t seen before, a twist on the BRRRR method. They’ve closed on three properties in three years, and all their properties are over 100 years old!

Amy and Mitch started their real estate journey right before COVID and went into contract on their first property in February 2020. They started investing when Amy was fresh out of college, and with no money to buy an investment property, they bought a primary residence instead. Since they purchased the home as a primary residence, they used an FHA loan and came to the closing table with only $7,000! Their first property marked the beginning of their strategy: purchase as a primary, rehab, and rent—the PRR.

But buying older homes isn’t a drawback to this strategy, it’s a benefit! Amy and Mitch refer to themselves as restorers instead of flippers. While they rehab their homes, they do their best to keep the character and history alive. Their unique strategies have helped them differentiate themselves in their market and succeed. They hope to keep up their current pace of one property a year and eventually increase the number of properties per year as they continue to scale.

This is Real Estate Rookie episode 235.

I think we strategically try and price our rentals a little bit higher. This isn’t just like a super cheap rental you can move into and mess it up. We’re also extremely transparent when people are toying the houses. Like, “Look, we actively live here right now. We’ve spent an entire year, every single night, every weekend renovating this house. This is our baby. We want to find people who are going to treat it the exact same that we will.” I think the tenants that we have in our houses are exactly that. They’re extremely kind, nice people who really value what the historic…

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