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Inter-Bank Lending Has Stopped And We’re On The Verge Of A Crash – Investment Watch

It’s official, folks; the Fed and JPowell have clarified that there is no trade-off between taming the inflation monster and financial stability

The banking crisis risks severe spillover across the financial sector and beyond, Moody’s says

  • Moody’s expects the bank crisis to be contained by the actions from policymakers.
  • But there’s still a risk it produces spillover effects that go beyond the bank sector, it added.
  • If that happens, the result would be greater financial and economic damage, the ratings agency said.

Canary in the Coal Mine: Distressed Debt Soars By 29%, Or $66 Billion, In One Week Amid Surge In Bankruptcies

In total, there were 48 large bankruptcy filings – those related to at least $50 million of liabilities – this year through March 20. That’s the highest since 2009, which saw 88 large cases through March 20, per Bloomberg-compiled data.


JPMorgan Says US Probably Headed For Recession Amid Banking Crisis

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