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How to Turn Equity into Cash Flow and Getting Arou…

You’ve got home equity, but maybe not cash flow. If you want to realize financial freedom, you’ll need consistent, passive monthly income. But with cash flow harder to find than ever before, how can you get it when real estate prices and interest rates remain high? Should you give up on cash flow entirely and only bank on appreciation? Maybe not. Using the strategy David outlines today, you can convert your equity into cash flow, but you’ll need to follow the right steps.

Welcome back to another Seeing Greene episode, where David, and some expert guests, answer your questions surrounding anything and everything related to real estate investing. Joining us on today’s show are Dave Meyer, J Scott, and Pat Hiban, all BiggerPockets authors and real estate masters in their own rights. They tag-team questions ranging from how to get around the twenty percent down payment requirement, how to calculate the time value of money on an investment, how HELOCs (home equity lines of credit) work, whether investing in hurricane-heavy Florida makes sense, and more!

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This is the BiggerPockets Podcast, show 693 buying equity. This is when you buy below market value and when you combine all this together, you start getting home runs, go after properties that you can buy equity in. So you bought up the low market value, you then added equity too through some form of rehab. You then change the way that you used it, which increased the value as well, changing it into a short-term rental, something like that….

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