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How to TRIPLE Your Rental Property Income with Gro…

Assisted living investments may be the most underrated, unknown, but ridiculously profitable real estate investment out there. For many investors, turning their single-family home into assisted or senior living seems like an impossible task. Don’t you need to have a medical background? Do you need a license? Can anyone do it? Instead of getting caught in analysis paralysis, Antoinette Munroe looked at the numbers, decided to take the jump, and hasn’t looked back. And after hearing her story, you might do the same!

Antoinette found financial freedom in just a few years with vacation rental investing. She used the game-changing strategy of house hacking combined with short-term rentals to profit over a thousand dollars a month, all while living in her own house. She slowly started building her empire, buying one property a year while working towards financial independence. She reached her ultimate goal, retiring early after only a few years of investing. Then, things started to change.

With new regulations rolling in, Antoinette had a large slice of her business about to be shut down or restricted at best. She needed to pivot to something that would make her the same money while still being passive enough to live the newly-retired lifestyle. When she heard about assisted living, she knew she had to run the numbers to see if the hype matched reality. The income was astonishing, and now she’s dedicated her time, money, and resources to building an assisted living empire that’ll pay her much more than the vacation rentals before.

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If my goal is to keep this property forever and have it produce the max income that it can, that’s first priority. It can never be to, “Oh, it’s not working out with the city anymore. Time to sell.” No, I committed to this property. We are in a relationship. I said I was never letting it go so I had to find something else. It was the only option to me.


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