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How to “Raise the Stakes” So Anyone Accepts Your D…

Oren Klaff is best known for his groundbreaking book, Pitch Anything. In it, he gives a systematized way to take control of every meeting, negotiation, and deal on your terms without taking a submissive position. Oren has the expertise to back up his claims. As a world-renowned leader in sales, capital raising, and negotiation, he’s been in the meetings, flipped the script, and gotten deals done that most couldn’t even dream of. Now, he’s sharing his wisdom with you.

Much of what Oren describes gets a bad rap in today’s world. The terms “alpha” or “in control” are subliminally thought of as violent or harsh, but in Oren’s context, they are completely accurate. In part one of this two-part episode, Oren gives you everything you need to take control of your deal, get negotiations done on the terms you want, and put opponents in the position for you both to succeed, instead of merely butting heads.

But this advice isn’t just for the board room. These key principles work in every conversation you’ll ever have, whether you’re raising millions to close on an apartment complex investment or merely trying to get your kid to eat their vegetables. The way you pitch, frame, and control a conversation directly correlates to its outcome. And in real estate investing, this isn’t a skill you’ll want to be without.

This is the BiggerPockets Podcast show 663.

Write this down, raise the stakes. If somebody believes there is low stakes at this pitch, at this meeting, at this interaction, it is going to end like this, “Hey, this looks great. Love this. Love what you guys presented, something we’re really interested in looking at. Send me the deck. I’ll talk to my committee, my partner, my wife. We’ll take a look at it. If we have any additional questions, we’ll get back to you in the next week.” That requires no training. All buyers, all investors say that unless there are stakes. So raise the stakes.

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