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As tax season arrives, many are considering ways to reduce their tax payments. There are many ways to do this ,thankfully, though. One of the many ways to lower your taxes is to contribute to a retirement account. This will allow you to deduct this from your taxable income. As a result of this you will be able to reduce your overall taxable income. Another way to reduce taxable income is by donating to charity, as these donations can be deducted from your taxes. These donations can add up because aside from just writing a check, you can donate clothes and food. The easiness of this policy allows for many different options to reduce your taxable income by charity.

Another great way to reduce overall taxable income is to sell off losing investments and wait to sell winners. By selling off losers, you won’t have high capital gains taxes. If your losses exceed your gains you are allowed to reduce your overall taxes by up to $3,000. By waiting to sell off winning investments, you can do so before or after filing your taxes so they don’t show up on your returns for that year. Another great way to lower your overall tax rate is by maximizing business expenses. Examples of these expenses would be office rent, home office expenses, and inventory. There are many different ways to lower your overall tax rate and many different companies that can help you do it.

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