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How to Get Into Commercial Real Estate Investing

Learning how to get into commercial real estate investing seems like a challenging task. With so much industry-specific verbiage and vocabulary like cap rates, pro formas, NOI, triple net, and more, a rookie real estate investor can seem put off by the seemingly tricky world of commercial real estate. But what if we told you that finding, buying, and making money from commercial real estate was much easier than residential real estate? What if you could build wealth quicker, buy more valuable properties, and reach financial freedom faster with just a few deals instead of dozens of single-family homes? Today, we’ll show you how to get started!

New investors often put commercial real estate on the back burner, but nothing stops you from buying a large property right now. To explain how to do it, we brought on Annie Larner, commercial real estate broker based in Northern Colorado. She’s seen everything from warehouse deals to self-storage, retail centers, and office spaces. She knows EXACTLY what a beginner can do to get in the game and why commercial may be a FAR better option than going down the residential route.

In this episode, Annie will explain exactly what commercial real estate is, how it’s valued, and the different types of properties you can buy. She also goes in-depth on why it’s MUCH easier to purchase commercial real estate than residential and how using a broker can help unlock hidden deals that other investors aren’t aware of. So, if you’re still chasing small deals and want to level up to where the real money is made, stick around!

This is Real Estate Rookie episode 276.

There’s literally no reason not to use a broker. They’ll negotiate for you, they have a better sense of what’s going on in the market, what valuation is the right valuation, what to come in at, how to negotiate, so that’s number one. Find a broker, and they’re out there. And I would search for specifically a commercial broker. Some dip in both…

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