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How to Get Any Seller to Accept Your Offer in 24 H…

Investment properties are hard to find—unless you use the tips Jonathan Greene mentions in today’s episode. If you’re like most real estate investors, you know that in 2022, it can feel like you’re constantly getting nickeled and dimed over every aspect of your offer. The seller wants more money, a quicker closing, refuses to give seller concessions, and acts like their often outdated, structurally unsound property is worth as much as their neighbors’ new construction down the street.

How do you negotiate with these sellers to actually get the deal done at a price that won’t destroy your future profits? Or, maybe a better question to ask is, how do you find deals already on the market, with desperate sellers waiting to accept any offer that comes their way? What if you’re a brand new real estate investor, still looking for your first rental property? How do you get on the same wavelength as a tough seller?

Jonathan Greene is known around the BiggerPockets forums as a millionaire mentor. He left his career as a criminal prosecutor to start profiting from investment properties. Now, he runs an agent team that has built seriously strong negotiation tactics, and Jonathan still invests heavily on the side. He’s walked away from more deals than he can count. But, he’s also won deals that other investors would have no chance at acquiring. Want to repeat how Jonathan did it? You’ll hear it all in this episode!

This is the BiggerPockets podcast show 667.

One of the things that I’m so intent on with new investors, which I’m sure you guys will agree is if you buy your first property and then you’re going to buy your second property before that first property is at max value, meaning like you fixed everything that’s going to be a high number later. You’re going to eventually get caught on all of them. And if you do that, when there’s a market downturn, you’re going to lose them all.
So, I like people to really fix up that first…

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