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How to Get a Better Price on That Off-Market Prope…

Off-market real estate deals can give investors like you HUGE discounts on what would be expensive investment properties. Either due to the property condition or the state of the seller, these real estate deals sell for sometimes hundreds of thousands less than their on-market equivalents. But finding them can be a challenge. As a result, most new investors rely on real estate wholesalers to bring them a deal. But what if the price point still doesn’t make sense?

Welcome back to another Rookie Reply, where we’re joined by real estate wholesaling master, Jamil Damji, and newly self-employed investor, Ethan Wilson. Jamil and Ethan both have a taste for off-market, underpriced deals and are here to share their wisdom with you. In this episode, you’ll hear how to negotiate with a wholesaler who’s firm on price, how to find off-market deals WITHOUT cold-calling sellers, and Jamil’s killer deal-finding strategy that costs far less than the competition!

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This is Real Estate Rookie Episode 240.

Look at the math here. We know that you’ve got to speak to, at minimum, at minimum 200 homeowners before you’ll get a contract. What I see is that if you talk to, say, 50 real estate agents a day, who are each prospecting themselves, imagine if you talk to 50 agents who are each talking to 50 homeowners to try to get listings, how many effective conversations am I having a day if I go that route? If 50 agents are each talking to 50 homeowners, that’s me talking to 2,500 people. So the math doesn’t lie.

My name is Ashley Kehr and I’m here with my co-host, Tony Robinson.

Welcome to the Real Estate Rookie Podcast, where every week, twice a week, we bring you the inspiration, information and stories you need to hear to kickstart your investing journey. I want to start…

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