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It’s time for our annual list of holiday gift ideas for all the truck drivers on your gift list. Below you will find our selections and ideas for your friends, family members, or even customers who are spending time behind the wheel.

  1. HERO TRUCKER T-SHIRT Our truckers are the heroes of delivery. This great T-shirt celebrates dads, truckers, heroes. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.
  2. CUSTOM TRUCKING COMPANY METAL WALL ART – Help your favorite trucking company display and promote their business with this custom, personalized metal wall art. Great for displaying indoors or outside.
  3. PORTABLE WOVEN STRAPPING KIT – Don’t let your favorite driver be caught without extra strapping. This portable woven strapping kit contains 250 feet of ¾” woven poly strapping, buckles, tension bar and safety cutter, all in a lightweight duffel bag.
  4. PRE-TRIP POCKET INSPECTION TOOL – Perfect as a stocking stuffer, this inexpensive and easy to stow tool takes the guesswork out of tire tread and brake measurements. Visually inspect and easily measure tire tread depth, brake stroke, brake show thickness and windscreen damage.
  5. BLACKOUT SLEEP MASKThis fully adjustable sleep mask with extra-deep eye cups provides zero eye pressure while providing black-out conditions. Perfect for catching a few zzzzs even in brightly lit places.
  6. QUICK DRY TOWELS – Grabbing a quick shower at the truck stop? These lightweight, easily packable and quick drying microfiber towels are perfect for when you are on the road. Available in 3 sizes and multiple colors.
  7. HANGING PHOTO FRAMES Help your favorite driver remember why they work as hard as they do! These small, lightweight photo frames can hang from nearly anywhere, including the rearview mirror. Use your favorite photos of family, friends and/or pets to help remind your driver of home.

Even if you don’t have a certain truck driver for whom these would be good, maybe you can find something for yourself. And if you have your eye on a new or used truck, we’re always happy to help with equipment financing.

Happy holidays from Commercial Credit Group!


Want more ideas? Below are the lists from 2020 and 2019!

  1. CAB COMMANDER – This car/truck organizer from Duluth Trading Company is perfect for storing your laptop, clipboard, and other paperwork. Large side sleeves hold your travel coffee mug or water bottle. It also has pockets for cell phone, tape measure, flashlight and more. And it easily and securely attaches to the passenger seat for quick, safe access.
  2. DASH CAMERA – A dash camera can help monitor driving habits or capture video if an incident occurs. This 1080P Full HD 3” Dashboard Camera has a 170 degree wide angle and was rated a “best value” by
  3. AUDIBLE MEMBERSHIP – Give the gift of literature with an Audible Membership. Membership includes access to thousands of audio books, podcasts, and Audible Original productions.
  4. FIRST AID KIT – Compact and packaged in a stay-dry resealable bag, this first aid kit is easy to store and comes with bandages in various sizes, sunscreen, first aid cream, hand sanitizer, safety pins, gloves, first aid guide and more. Perfect for those little cuts and scrapes.
  5. POWER INVERTER OR USB CONVERTER – With all the gadgets and gizmos we now carry – phones, tablets, wireless ear buds, smart watches – it seems like something always needs to be charged. This power inverter is perfect for any driver.
  6. ERGONOMIC SEAT CUSHION – Sitting all day while driving put pressure on the sit bones, tailbone, and sciatic nerve. Help keep the driver in your life comfortable and pain free with this selection of padded, comfortable, ergonomic seat cushions.
  7. ROADSIDE SAFETY KIT – While we hope there is never an accident or a roadside breakdown, being prepared is a key to staying safe. This truck driver essentials safety kit comes complete with safety vest and gloves, multi-tool flashlight, straps, emergency triangle and more.
  8. PERSONALIZED MUD FLAPS – Help your favorite truck driver build brand awareness for their trucking company. Personalized mud flaps add that special touch and can be customized with company logos, phone numbers and more.
  9. LANTERN WITH MAGNETIC BASE – having a light is essential for those on the road, and this lantern with a magnetic base is perfect for emergencies. A driver can use it while looking under the hood or keep it in their sleeper for when they are resting.

  10. THERAPEUTIC ITEMS – sitting in a truck for long hours each day can cause a lot of stress on your whole body, especially your back, neck and tailbone. If you’re looking for a perfect therapeutic gift for a truck driver enduring these pains, consider purchasing a nice seat cushion, massaging chair cover that plugs into the car port.
  11. MAGNETIC PHONE MOUNT– phones are necessary when you are on the road, but they can also be dangerous. With a phone mount, truckers can easily see and access their phone without endangering themselves and other drivers. This magnetic phone mount, for instance, locks into the vehicle’s air vent and holds the phone securely with a magnet placed inside the phone’s case.
  12. PORTABLE STOVES OR CROCKPOTS – when you’re constantly on the road, eating healthy may be difficult. Furthermore, it’s easy to get burnt out on gas station food and cold meals. With this lunchbox stove, drivers can pack hot meals for their trip and keep them warm. They can heat up canned soups, leftovers, and even bring homemade meals to cook.
  13. COFFEE KIT – coffee (or hot chocolate) is a must for truckers and helps them stay alert on their routes. To keep their drinks warmer longer, try this heated travel mug that plugs straight into the truck’s DC port with a 48” power adapter. If you’re looking for a great gift for a coffee drinker, this portable coffee brewer is also a great asset to any big rig.
  14. MINI FRIDGE OR COOLER – this one is a no-brainer. Truckers oftentimes live in their trucks for days and need to stay hydrated. You could go with a traditional mini fridge (think dorm room size) or go with this portable electric car cooler, which is more versatile and perfect for those truckers that also need a cooler to camp, fish, boat, etc.
  15. HEATED ICE SCRAPER – you think scraping your car’s windshield is a pain, try scraping a big rig. When defrosters and wiper fluid aren’t enough, this heated ice scraper will do the trick. For your drivers hauling through colder climates, this could be a useful tool throughout multiple months of the year.
  16. POLARIZED SUNGLASSES – sunglasses are an obvious gift for men and women in this industry but are always appreciated. This pair of polarized sunglasses polarized will reduce glare while driving during both day and night.
  17. SHOWER BAG WITH TOILETRIES – for a customized and curated gift, buy a hanging carry bag and supply it with all the daily hygiene necessities like a toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, etc.

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