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Foreclosure Fears, “Emotional” Equity, and Big Buy…

Will housing prices drop in 2022? There may seem like an obvious answer to this question, “of course with interest rates rising housing prices will drop.” But, that’s not exactly what the data shows, especially when you take into account that 2022 is not a normal housing market by any means. We had high demand, which is starting to cool, but housing prices are still far from affordable. And with so many homeowners enjoying huge equity boosts, is there even a possibility that foreclosures could fill the supply gap?

Instead of postulating about what will or won’t happen, we brought on an industry expert who can give a data-first decision on which way the housing market will move. Rick Sharga, EVP of Market Intelligence at ATTOM, knows the data. He spends the majority of his waking hours scanning through copious amounts of housing market information so he can give investors and real estate professionals a true, unbiased opinion on what will happen next.

Rick goes deep into demand, what’s causing it and whether or not it has been suppressed thanks to interest rate hikes. We also touch on the foreclosure “crisis” that never happened, how forbearance programs worked, and why we’re starting to (finally) see an uptick of foreclosures, many of which could make great investment properties. Lastly, you’ll hear why waiting out the housing market could be a move many investors shouldn’t make.

Hey, everyone. Welcome to On The Market. Today, we have an incredible show for you. Jamil and I are going to be interviewing Rick Sharga, the EVP of Market Intelligence for one of the biggest data providers in the entire industry, ATTOM Data. And we have an incredible conversation that we’ll get into it just a minute. But before we do, Jamil, you are the busiest man I’ve ever met. What have you been up to recently?

Man, it’s been a lot of fun. I’m wrapping up season two of Triple Digit Flip right now. So, we’re in the tail three houses of our…

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