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FOMO Investing, REITs, and Why You Should “Just Ke…

Dollar-cost averaging is advice we’ve all been given. But, during a crash, or even a dip, it can be enticing to throw all your savings into an investment with hopes that it’ll quickly skyrocket back up. Is this a smart move, or would this ruin the “consistent investing” advice altogether? To help clear things up, we’ve brought on Nick Maggiulli, author of Just Keep Buying: Proven ways to save money and build your wealth.

Nick, just like Dave, has been a spreadsheet freak for a long time. They bond over their love of data and how looking at the numbers can help you make much better investing decisions. In a time where FOMO-investing, financial freak-outs, and anxious feelings toward inflation run rampant, Nick provides some soothing words on how any investor in any asset class can successfully start building wealth with little-to-no effort.

Dave, Nick, and expert guest Henry Washington also riff on REITs (real estate investment trusts), real estate investing, and advice for new investors. Whether you prefer stocks, bonds, rental properties, crypto, or a mix of all four, this episode will provide some much-needed advice for you to make it through the recession with far less stress.

Hey everyone, welcome to On the Market. I’m your host, Dave Meyer, joined today by Henry Washington.

What’s up, bud?

What’s new, man? What have you been up to?

Oh man, I am getting ready to hit the road doing some traveling obviously. So, that’s what I’ve been focused on, but glad to be here chit-chatting with you. I always love talking about real estate and finances.

Yeah, that’s a good time. Can you tell the audience a little bit about who we’re talking with today?

Yeah, today we got to talk to Nick Maggiulli, and he was giving us a lot of great information about how he is investing in the stock market, about how he can or about how we can invest in real estate through the stock market, and really gives us some great advice about…

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