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Finding Comps, Estimating Rehab Costs, and Filling…

A FSBO (For Sale By Owner) seller wants to move forward with your offer—that’s great news! But first, they have asked you to pull comps (comparable sales). Believe it or not, this is something you can use to your advantage. Of course, you’ll need to know where to find comps and how to estimate rehab costs so that you can defend your offer. Thankfully, Ashley and Tony are back with some of their best tips yet.

Welcome back to another Rookie Reply! Negotiating a FSBO sale can be a little intimidating, but our hosts are here to help you navigate the entire process. In this episode, we also discuss and compare real estate financing options, from conventional mortgages to portfolio loans. We even weigh the pros and cons of personal debt versus commercial debt. Struggling to find a tenant for your rental? You’ll want to hear what we have to say about lowering rent prices, as well as other steps you can take to fill your vacancy and improve your cash flow immediately!

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This is Real Estate Rookie episode 278.

You should also look at the numbers and use that to help you kind of make a determination because, say that we look over the next year, over the next 12 months, and say that you’re trying to get 1,000 bucks for your place right now, but because you tried to get a $1,000, your place sits vacant for the next two months. Right? Over the course of that year, you have two months that are empty, so you’re going to make $1,000 over 10 months, which is $10,000. Say that you dropped the price from 1,000 to 950, and you rent it out this month, now you have a full 12 months. You’re actually going to make more. You’ll make $11,400 at 950 if it’s rinsed out for the entire year.

My name is Ashley Kehr, and I’m here with my co-host, Tony Robinson.

And welcome to the…

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