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FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH is delighted to publish the new “FCF Life Sciences Venture Capital Monitor – Europe 02/2022”.

The Monitor is a monthly published overview of venture capital trends in the European Life Sciences sector.

As of the end of February 2022 we identify the following current VC trends in Europe:

  • In 2022, overall Life Sciences funding has reached EUR 1,661m so far
  • Top 5 Deals exceed EUR 60m each, largest transaction amounted to EUR 125m in Patient21 (Germany)
  • Curie Capital (Netherlands) dominates the Top 5 Investors (by deal volume), followed by Dompé (Italy) and Casdin Capital (United States)
  • The Biotech sector received 42% of the total investment volume (+7% points compared to the previous month)
  • Oncology dominates as the top indication of the Biotechnology sector

To access the full report, please click here.

By Dr. Mathias Schott and Sebastian Sommer

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