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As of June 2020, California governor, Gavin Newsom, released official dates that had allowed many businesses such as shopping malls, dine-in restaurants, office buildings, etc. to reopen. However, news of this raised alarms and concerns for many, questioning whether or not it was safe to do so. According to Senator, Steve Glazer, Newsom is “caving into political pressure while ignoring dangerous ‘blind spots’ in the state’s heath data”.

Ignoring these concerns, Newsom continued to push for reopening of stores and businesses. However, on July 2020, the state of California has reported the highest number of new cases for COVID-19. The Bay Area confirmed an approximate of 37% increase in the patients being hospitalized. As a result, Bay Area counties have slowed their reopening process. On the other hand, SoCal had a much more alarming increase in their number of new cases, yet are pushing for permission to enter the next phase of reopening.

Many health officials are worried about the quick reopening of southern California economy, especially Los Angeles being one of the most populated cities. With rising cases in California, it is concerning for many to reopen at such a fast pace.




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