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A survey done by OneClass showed that 56 percent of college students can no longer afford their tuition. Half of the students that took this survey said that they need to find a new way to pay tuition due to the pandemic. 7 percent of students have already unenrolled from their prospective college. There has been an 8 percent increase in students choosing to attend community college, and 15 percent more choosing public universities over private universities. Finally, there has been a 27 percent increase in students planning to take a gap year. Colleges have been unable to help students. Most have kept costs the same or increased tuition this year. Despite most having students learn virtually or in a hybrid form. Another factor is jobs that are usually held by students have disappeared.  A third of college students have lost their job during the pandemic. Compared to the 14.7 percent unemployment rate. Many students will have to turn to student loans to be able to pay for college. This will have a lasting effect on Americans by increasing the amount of student debt. This will mean people will have to put off milestones such as having families and becoming homeowners even longer. For students who do not want to take out loans are faced with dropping out or taking a gap year. Delaying student’s entry into the workforce. While the pandemic will pass there will be lasting consequences for current students.



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Christian Ure


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