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Could Build-to-Rent Investing Deliver a Deathblow …

It’s a little strange how long it took build-to-rent real estate investing to catch on. For decades, landlords were used to buying older homes, many without renovations, and renting them out to whoever needed housing. This trend has continued up until today as numerous buy-and-hold investors buy homes well past their prime. It seems almost natural to think that building brand new homes would allow you to get the highest rent price, and that’s why so many investors, like Fundrise’s CEO Ben Miller, are so gung-ho about build-to-rent rentals.

Ben Miller knows the housing market/real estate industry inside and out. He’s helped over 350,000 real estate investors passively make profits through Fundrise’s simple and groundbreakingly open investing platform. Any investor, accredited or not, can now get a piece of the pie on a cash-flowing property, even if they don’t have enough money to buy it themselves.

Since Ben is at the forefront of this industry, it serves him well to know which areas are trending, how investors can get ahead, and the asset classes most worth investing in. He shares valuable insight on how institutional investors operate, why many active investors still choose to invest with Fundrise, real estate markets with the strongest property potential, and why build-to-rent could deal a serious blow to the multifamily and commercial office industry.

Hey, everyone. Welcome to On the Market. I’m your host, Dave Meyer. And I am joined today by James Dainard. James, what’s going on, man?

Just grinding out deals, Pacific Northwest, trying to get more inventory in the door.

How’s that going? You pretty active right now?

Yeah, we are staying fairly active right now. What we’ve been doing is fixing all of our systems, pivoting all our systems. And we’re wrapping up all the inventory we’ve bought over the last year. And then we’ve been aggressively … actually, we’ve gotten contracted over on $16 million in deals the…

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