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Client Profile: Nash Dogs – Pathway Lending

Franks A Lot! How The Propel Loan Helped Bring Nash Dogs To The Table

Entrepreneur Michael Spencer lived blocks from Nashville’s popular Broadway for nearly a decade and dreamed of owning a hot dog stand that would be the talk of Music City. In 2019, Michael brought his plan to open Nash Dogs to fruition, but when the pandemic kept his dream of serving Nashville on Broadway out of reach, Michael decided to find an alternative location.

In December of 2020, Michael and his family were living in Old Hickory, Tennessee when he noticed an abandoned gas station turned donation site. The site had been closed to donations for a few years, and some treated it as a dumping ground. Michael grew tired of seeing trash pile up in his community and saw an opportunity to take cleaning and maintenance into his own hands in exchange for housing the Nash Dogs stand on the property. Almost overnight, Nash Dogs became a fixture in the Old Hickory community, and Michael watched his small business dream take off!

For the next year and a half, Nash Dogs traveled from site to site building up his clientele. Nash Dogs grew a loyal following and steady demand, but the varied schedule became a challenge. Michael knew he needed to expand from a food cart to a more permanent location where his customers could count on finding him and settled on another popular Nashville landmark destination, Opry Mills Mall.

As Michael developed an aggressive savings plan for purchasing the equipment he would need for the expansion, a friend introduced him to Pathway Lending, and he learned about the new Propel Loan. The expedited funding and streamlined application process was exactly what his small business needed. After submitting the online loan inquiry and completing the loan application, Michael quickly received the funding he needed to purchase equipment for his new location.

Nash Dogs“The Propel Loan really made all this possible. From purchasing our equipment, making the first payment on our lease, and taking care of labor, the Propel Loan truly propelled us. We’ve been able to bring a lot of different people into the fold, and I’ve gone from being a small business owner to a small business owner with employees.”

The right loan at the right time can give a small business a big boost. With the control, flexibility, access and ease of the Propel Loan, Nash Dogs received funding through an expedited decision. From its kiosk in Opry Mills Mall, locals and visitors alike can now find and enjoy Nash Dogs’ 100% angus beef franks and veggie dogs any day they’re out enjoying Music City!

“The Propel Loan has put me in a position to start and build a generational legacy,” says Michael. With locals and visitors support, Nash Dogs looks forward to growing into the go-to brick-and-mortar hot dog restaurant for every customer in Nashville.

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